HeartillyCraft Skin Contests

The jackpot begins at $100,000 in game money.

The jackpot will go up $25,000 per entry.

The 1st place winner of the contest will earn 100% of the total pooled money.

2nd place winner will earn 50% of the total pooled money.

3rd place winner will earn 25% of the total pooled money.

Skin Contest Rules and Guidelines:

1. Find a skin that fits the month's skin theme

2. Vulgar skins and themes are not allowed and are punishable by bannishment

3. The fancier the screenshot, the higher your chances are of winning

4. In order to have a contest at all, at least 3 people MUST participate. So get your fellow Heartillians involved in the contest!

5. To submit a skin, please post a screenshot to the appropriate forum. If you need help, please feel free to ask Lex!