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Greetings!  If you're visiting this page, it means you've joined HeartillyCraft and/or have been a part of HeartillyCraft and are probably going to vote or look up some information.  That's great! 

Since you're here, I'd like to announce that this is HeartillyCraft's grand re-re-re-opening.  For those of you who don't know what that means, it means that HeartillyCraft has been wiped and reset, making everything brand-spanking-new for both new and old players alike.  So yey for that!  It's actually pretty exciting.

That being said, I would like everyone to know that we are aware our website is a little outdated, but we are working on it!  ...just slowly.  The server itself comes first.  All bugs, all plugins, all the new quests and the player head Vault is on my top priority list, which means the website is sorta set on the backburner for now.  However, players may still visit the website to vote and read up on our updated rules and adventure levels.

Thank you to everyone who waited for HeartillyCraft to undergo this reset and transformation.  I have to admit I'm very pleased with the changes and feel much more confident about everything we have, and feel this will be a world we keep for years to come.

If anyone has any questions comments or concerns, please find me on our Discrod and message me there.  I will receive the messages via the app on my phone and get with you as soon as possible.

Until then, hope to see you in game.

Happy holidays!

Mama Lex & Papa Juvi

As some of you may or may not be aware, HeartillyCraft has completely redone its Spawn Zone, which has been officially renamed "Heartilly Village".  It is a new hub with its own map via the DynMap (click the World Map link on the tabs above) and have a look around at some of the locations you can visit.

Heartilly Village is about 65% complete.  I am still working on the Black Market and a fishing spot where I can place the Fishing Market/Vendor.  I am also adding quests every day, so visit Heartilly Village often and look for NPCs with notes above their heads.  Please note that most of the quests require you to do the Beginner's/Tutorial quests first.  Spawnlings will see them right away since they spawn upstairs, but older players will not, so make sure you turn around when you /Spawn and head into the library and up the stairs to speak with Beginner's Guide, followed by Adventurer Jelaina.

McMMO Trainers will be a thing again soon.

Biome Warps will be a thing again soon.

More decorative heads will be hidden around Heartilly Village, so I encourage you guys to explore.

I will not hold hands with everyone for quests.  You really need to pay attention to what the NPCs have to say in order to find who they may ask you to seek!  These quests encourage adventuring and exploration, so I sincerely hope you enjoy!

If you guys have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to ask at anytime!

Oh, and don't forget to sign up for our Halloween Costume Contest!!


Hey all, Lex here! Yeah, that's right.  It's me, and I'm stoked to say that I'm getting back into the swing of things, and have a lot of refreshing news headed your way.

First I would like to begin with nothing is 100% set in stone yet, but if you've been on Discord, you'll know that I recently send out a poll regarding another map wipe.  I am asking the players this time around if they want one, so if you'd like to cast your vote, please head on over to the announcements section and vote, vote, vote.  If, by chance, a map wipe HAS been decided upon, I will let everyone know in advance and builds CAN be saved (more details on that if/when this happens.)

In other news, it's Holloween month, which means you guys should be getting your spook on!  Don't forget to enter the HeartillyCraft Halloween Costume Contest for money rewards!

Also coming up is the new spawn reveal.  I recently posted a poll on the website asking for your input regarding spawn names, and it seems the majority want something more original, so I've decided to simply call it Heartilly Village.  New Spawn will be it's own map.  It will be large, but quaint, and I hope players find themselves wanting to explore it, because it will be filled with secrets, quests, decorative heads and, of course, the player Bazaar (or shops.)

The new and improved world of HeartillyCraft will also be making BUILDING a huge thing, and will encourage all players to really get into the "roleplay" idea that the Overworld is being destroyed, and it's up to us to rebuild it.  That being said, player builds will be more important than ever, and will be conntected to one another via Waysenders, Endermen who will teleport you to a player build location.

I have so much more to tell you guys about, but I'm going to leave that there for now.  If you guys have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to post here or in Discord for more discussion.  I'm more than happy to talk with you guys and start visiting more than I have been.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for their patience -- especially to those who have stuck around this long with us.  I know I haven't said it in a while, but it still remains true: HeartillyCraft is nothing without you.  Thank you, Heartillians.  You mean A LOT to Juvi and I.

See you guys soon!  And remember... I'm always watching.


P.S. [G] might be making a come back, too ;)

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