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Perplexing89 AKA "Lex"

Since December 2014
Michigan, USA | Age 27

Greetings, fellow Minecrafters! My real name is Olivia, but most players just call me ‘Lex’ or ‘Big Mama’. I've been managing HeartillyCraft alongside my boyfriend Juvious since its conception way back in December of 2014, and although it’s like having a second job, the players make it fun and worth it. Needless to say, I love what I do here, and have absolutely no desire to give up on it anytime soon. Aside from the never ending list of things to do around HeartillyCraft, I also enjoy reading at /r/NoSleep/, writing via RP.me, watching scary movies with Juvi, playing various other video games and watching an assortment of awesome TV shows, such as Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

Juvious AKA "Juvi"

Since December 2014
Michigan, USA | Age 34

Ello’ you there reading this! My name is Alen, aka Juvious(Juvi) I've been a member of HeartillyCraft since I’ve first fired up a locally hosted server for me and Lex to mess around on. I’m the guy you don’t see much, the puppet master pulling the strings from behind the curtain, and the one who occasionally logs in invisibly and and makes lightning bolts strike near you. Besides always getting yelled at by Lex about stuff not working or needing to be changed, I find my peace in playing many different games especially Indie titles and survival games. I’m a big geek and love computers and techy stuff in general. If I’m not around the computer then I’m probably watching another horrible horror movie with lex or enjoying a space documentary. Space is amazing! ok? ok!

HailFire859 AKA "Hail"

Since June 2015
North Carolina, USA | Age 15

I love the owners and the fact that they are active on the server. I enjoy playing my viola for my school orchestra, as well as taking and developing film pictures, digital is fun too though. I also play games on Steam, and sometimes League of Legends or Overwatch.

BalerionDread AKA "Balerion"

Since March 2016
Massachusetts, USA | Age 23

I spend most of my time on HeartillyCraft. When I'm not breaking blocks or building villages block by block I play with my dog, play Smite, and spend time with my boyfriend. I'm a homebody and I hate leaving my house, so even if I'm not online shoot me a message and I can almost always hop online!

Zebra__ AKA "Zebra"

Since October 2015
Michigan, USA | Age 19

My name is Eric. I joined HC on a whim when I found a flyer at school. I'm a sophomore in college right now. When I'm not busy with school or work, I enjoy being on the server and doing what I can to help. The people are friendly, the staff is active and there's always something to do.

BusinessSkeleton AKA "Skele"

Since June 2016
Geelong, Australia | Age 37

I came to HC upon the invitation from Preplexing89 on Reddit. I was looking for a server that had a good community and was accepting of people who eren't elite players. I stayed with HC due to the friendships I have formed and the acceptance that has been shown to this old man (old for gaming).

_Derpy_Kitty_ AKA "Kitty"

Senior Helper
Since November 2015
California, USA | Age 12

For starters, my real name is Kasey. I enjoy gymnastics, writing, photography, and art. I love the HC community because the owners are friendly and active. Plus I've made a lot of friends here!


Since May of 2015
Ontario, Canada | Age 23

HeartillyCraft is a creative little Survival server run by a couple of the brightest, kindest people you'll ever meet, held up by a great cabal of server staff and the ever-innovative, co-operative player base. HeartillyCraft sees constant development, both from a server perspective and a player community perspective. There's always something to do in Minecraft, and there's even more to do on HC. It's pretty great here. We're pretty great By day I am a language teacher. By night I explore the vast oceans of different languages. I speak a middling level of Mandarin and I play a couple other video games here and there.


Since late August of 2015
Pennsylvania, USA | Age 15

My actual name is Emily, but you can just call me Em. I'm 15 years old and absolutely obsessed with astronomy and photography. I'm not the most interesting person honestly, all I do is read and play on Heartilly. I'm kinda shy at first and rarely talk but once you get to know me better you'll never hear me shut up! I could write an entire book about what I love about HeartillyCraft .... but since we don't have time for that, let's just say I love everything.


Since December 2015
Pennsylvania, USA | Age 15

My real name is Georgina, my birthday is January 16th. I'm a gamer girl who spends wayyyyy too much time playing Minecraft, writing FanFiction,and scrolling through Instagram and stuff. I also am a huge fan of YouTube, mostly Aphmau and BajanCanadian. I like that everyone is so nice and the owners are actually active!