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New Glothlyn & Other Updates!

Perplexing89 @ HeartillyCraft
posted Jul 14, 17

Greetings, fellow Heartillians! Lex here.

Juvious went ahead and removed the old Glothlyn for us and created a new world.  Players may not visit Glothlyn at this time, as it does not have a world border set up yet, nor does it have a warp sign to it (the one at the docks at Spawn will not work until I get online to update it.)

I will be creating the Community Build Zones tonight once I get off work.  It should not take me long, but in the event that it takes longer than anticipated, please allow me until 8:00p.m. to get them open to you guys.

Both CBZs will be in random locations along a shore of some sort, as the idea is that players travel by boat to the "big, mysterious continent."

If anyone from the CBZs have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to message me anytime either on Discord, Facebook or here on Enjin.

Other news and updates:

The new Spawn castle is nearly completed.  I will be working on it for a majority of the weekend, so I will be very slow to talk while in game.  My goal is to have it finished before Game of Thrones on Sunday (Jon for King of the North, 2017)

As this has been complained about and requested by many, once the new spawn castle is finished, I will be creating a Teleport Master that will teleport players to points of interest around the spawn for a small fee (like the bankers, HeartillyMart, bazaar, Black Market, Player Housing and the docks.)  In addition, this Teleport Master will also be the person you talk to to visit Player Builds.

Quests... NPCs... Dungeons... oh my.  Eventually Quests wil make a come back.  However they are so tedious and time consuming that I want to do them once Spawn is finished.  Spawn is a very important hub to me, and until it's 100% the way I want it, Quests will have to wait.  I want to make sure Spawn has all information as easily accessible to everyone as possible, which means I will not be rushing this project.  In the mean time, there are ways for players to make money; get a shop, sell your things, enter the skin and build contests.  Don't be shy!

Raiding will come back as well.  When a player is banned, their base will be locked down until a date and time can be set for everyone to get in Discord and have at it at the same time.  At the end of a raid, we will blow up the base and then regen the area.  It will be a good time for all.

Player Housing is going to be changing a bit coming up.  Balerion and I will be working out new details for the housing and have it advertised a bit more so that you guys are aware of the benefits of owning a house at Spawn.

Personal Update:

I will be leaving for Disney World with Juvi September 1 - 10, so I will not be online for a few days.  If you guys need help, please talk to a GM.  The GMs are able to do most of the things I am able to do, and they can contact Juvi and I.  Juvi and I can do a lot of things from our phones for the server, we just might be a little slower than usual.

Creative Build Awards Program!

Perplexing89 @ HeartillyCraft
posted Jul 13, 17

For those of you who have been curious about the Creative Build Awards Program, I have finally updated it!  For more information, please visit this doc!

I'm looking forward to seeing the builds this year, guys!

- Lex

MinecraftBros5 You mean that nether tower thingy ma bobber?
comicloud im just wondoring, i built a tower on my friends property, will i be able to enter it

Community Build Zones Update!

Perplexing89 @ HeartillyCraft
posted Jul 12, 17

Visit this Doc to see a list of rules and guidelines for the Community Build Zones!

Team Lex and Team Juvi now have their own Discord Chat Channels!  If you do not see them or have not been added, please let me know so that I may fix it.

Please use these chat channels to discuss with your teammates as to what you'd like to build and who is going to work on what. Remember that everyone is in different time zones and to be patient with messages, for the success to anything is communication, as BusinessSkeleton has hammered into my skull this past year.

The build zones will be created this week and open to the teams on Friday, around 7:00p.m. EST.

Teams should pick a team leader who will strategize and keep the team organized with things to do. This role is not to be looked at as a boss role, only someone who keeps everything moving and on track. Everyone should agree. No one should be fighting with one another. Remember that texting sometimes looks meaner than what it's meant to be, so be sure to use those happy faces! :D

Teams may also come up with a name for the spawn zone. Please keep it mature and server friendly!

Teams should also make a party chat with one another so that you guys can discuss together when online in game.

I highly suggest you have a healthy mix of builders, gatherers and teraformers. Please make sure everyone knows their jobs, but also let them know they can help with little projects too if they don't feel comfortable building!

If you guys have any questions, comments or concerns, please post them here or send me a private message!

- Lex

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