(HeartillyCraft's Two Year Anniversary)

You may continue to post your build transfers to the loot and build transfer list until then.

Yes, you will keep the items you have on your character after the wipe.


Perplexing89 posted Mon at 18:22

Sorry it's late, but here it is!
Our winner for the $25.00 Amazon gift card is.......


Congratulations, little lady! <3

Thank you to all who participated! You guys entering the drawing are what makes it fun and exciting! Oh, and don't be bummed out about not winning this time, because Juvi and I are planning to do the give aways a little more frequently (although it may not always be cash money, because then we'd go broke, lol.) But you guys are worth the drawings, because you guys are what makes HeartillyCraft HEARTILLYCRAFT. Without you, there is no server, and we truly appreciate you for choosing us!

Have a great day everyone, and see you all in game!

Juvi and Lex

Updates and Events!

Perplexing89 posted Mar 12, 17

Hey all, Lex here!

Sorry I've been so quiet, but I have some fun news! Our HC Give Away is finally here, so enter your name and rank level here for the chance to win a $25.00 gift card to Amazon! Woo!

I've also updated a few of the forums to make some things easier to find, like our Creative Build Awards and Community Build Zones. I will be opening a new CBZ soon, one that's in the mountains. I expect greatness out of this one. Stay tuned for it.

In other news, please help me in congratulating SimonWillem for his amazing city, Freeport, which has earned a gold star on the world map. SimonWillem is an incredible builder and deserves this more than anyone I know. I am proud to have a player like him on the server. So here's to you, Simon!


[Render Credit: BusinessSkeleton]
Thank you for sharing your amazing work with HeartillyCraft!

SimonWillem Thank you so much for this
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