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Minecraft 1.12

Perplexing89 posted Mon at 9:05

Hey everyone, Lex here.

Just so you're all aware, we do plan on updating to 1.12. We just need to make sure all of our important plugins have been updated first.

We will not be doing a map wipe for the new update. We will simply update and add the new blocks to the HeartillyMart. Maybe we'll expand the map borders.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Thank you all for your patience.


Just wanted to make sure everyone knows the great news... HC is here to stay. We had a momentary lapse of faith, but after how upset everyone was and all the praise and love re received about the possibility of a shut down, HC is officially here to stay.

However, with that, there are going to be some changes.

1. I will not be making quests. They're too tedious and time consuming. They overwhelm me and make me want to quit. So no quests. Lol. That means I'll likely remove the trainers too, and only keep NPCs and Quests around strictly for warping/teleporting purposes to Build Award locations and bankers.

2. The Economy is stupid and as good as it's going to get. Keep voting for 1k per vote. Use the money to buy fly time, open shops or buy things at the market. 

3. Glothlyn is open to everyone to live in, and the world is much much larger than the overworld. It's a little funky chunk wise in some areas, but it's not like that everywhere. We will not be wiping that world for a long time, but it's barely been touched, so please travel there and explore. It's huge. No, it's not getting a dyn map.

4. Speaking of dynmap, the host removed ours and now it's no longer rendered completely. We don't know why they did this... so we're just going to leave it and let it be discovered as you guys explore.

5. More crates will come eventually, but it's a slow process. Be patient.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please let me know.

- Lex

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